Community Events

The following events take place regularly within the parish. Do check the parish bulletin for any changes to venue, times etc

Choir Practice

Choir practice will be at 7:30 on Wednesday evenings at St Urban's. New members welcome.

Children's Liturgy

During the 10:30 Sunday Mass at St Urban's.

Parents and Toddlers Playgroup

Every Monday - except during the school holidays between 9:30 and 11:15am Parochial Church Hall, Memorial Drive. The group is thriving but more helpers are needed. Please contact Michelle (0113 2289380) , Janet (0113 2947108) or Mary (0113 2893780).

Prayer Group

Wednesday 13thJanuary at 10:00am at 11 Moor Drive LS6 4BY Tel 0113 275 8852

Parents Prayers - St Urbans

First Sunday of every month at 10:15 at the icon of Our Lady and Child to pray for parents, children and grandchildren.